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When it comes to having an unforgettable smile, the way your gums frame your teeth is every bit as important as the color, shape, and spacing of your teeth. If you have excessive gum tissue covering a larger-than-needed portion of your teeth, it can cause your teeth to look short and unhealthy. If you have what is commonly called a “gummy smile,” gum reshaping performed at our Lubbock, West Texas office can painlessly remove excess gum tissue, giving your teeth a picture-perfect frame that will enhance the overall look of your smile. This simple, effective procedure requires no downtime and can give you an enhanced smile in a single visit. To learn more about gum reshaping, contact our Lubbock office today.




The Advantages Of Reshaping

Gum reshaping helps you to achieve two very important characteristics of a dazzling smile. First, it helps to reveal more of your beautiful, healthy teeth. When excess gum tissue covers a large portion of your teeth, it creates the illusion that your teeth are misshapen, underdeveloped, or worn. Gum reshaping gives your teeth the long, healthy appearance that makes any smile a winner. Gum reshaping also helps you to achieve symmetry in your smile. Imagine a line extending down the center of your smile, between your two front teeth. If the gum tissue is uneven from one side of your smile to the other, it can detract from the healthy, balanced look you desire.

The use of lasers in our gum reshaping procedure further benefits patients. Lasers are extremely accurate, providing you with beautifully shaped gums. Performing gum reshaping with a laser also results in significantly less pain than using conventional tools such as scalpels. Your gums will heal much more quickly following laser treatment, with only a very small amount of blood loss and swelling.



Reframe Your Smile

Excess gum tissue can conceal the naturally beautiful shape and color of your teeth. If excessive or uneven gum tissue is standing in the way of a wonderful smile, gum reshaping performed at our Lubbock, West Texas office can help you reveal the smile you never knew you had. We are proud to offer this advanced, safe, and virtually painless treatment to our patients. Dr. White takes your teeth and gums very seriously, and loves helping his patients experience the countless benefits of an incredible smile. To learn more about how this treatment can enhance the appearance of your smile and help you feel great about your appearance, please contact us today.


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