Teaching Your Children
How to Brush

Teaching your child how to brush their teeth can seem like a hectic or tedious task. Since great teeth health starts at an early age, check out these tips and tricks to make brushing teeth a fun habit!

Lower those expectations. First and foremost, realize that it will take time for your child to perfect this daily habit. Focus more on creating the habit of brushing morning and night rather than the technique. The technique will come with practice.

Brush with them. Playing copy-cat is fun for toddlers, so let them imitate you! Doing it together may encourage your child to brush a little longer, teaching them that duration is important to a good cleaning. Take things to the next level, and make it a competition or game to see who can clean the best!

It’s their choice. It’s the little things that count, like picking out the toothbrush with their favorite character on it. So let them choose their toothbrush, and they’ll be excited to use it! Same goes for toothpaste. While adults may love the minty-fresh feeling, a child may prefer princess bubblegum.

Keep it short. As previously mentioned, really focus on the habit of brushing teeth first. It may take a while for your child to get used to the idea of brushing her own teeth.

Sing a little. As your child grows used to the habit, use songs to encourage a longer brushing. Singing also reinforces the routine and increases the level of fun. Pro tip: create your own songs to sing with your child throughout the day.

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