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Comprehensive Enhancement for Your Smile

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Comprehensive Enhancement for Your Smile

Your smile is important. When you are proud of your smile, it gives you confidence and helps you make a great first impression. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, it is possible that a single treatment alone will not provide the enhancements you need to achieve the smile you really want. Dr. Jason White can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted through full mouth reconstruction at our LubbockWest Texas office. This treatment plan can combine multiple procedures, both cosmetic and reconstructive, to achieve an overall result that is both healthy and attractive. During an initial consultation, Dr. White will assess the health of your teeth and gums, and take note of your goals for improving the appearance of your smile. Together, you and Dr. White will determine a plan that will meet your needs and help you enjoy the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. To learn more about full mouth reconstruction, contact our Lubbock office today.

Reconstructive Procedures

Healthy gums and teeth are the foundation of every beautiful smile. Depending upon your goals and needs, reconstructive procedures may need to be performed before Dr. White can begin addressing the aesthetic aspects of your smile. If you are missing teeth, or have teeth that have suffered decay, a dental crown or bridge may be necessary. These tooth-shaped prosthetics are custom-made from a porcelain-like material to blend in with your existing teeth, giving you a natural-looking enhancement. Depending upon the condition of the teeth you wish to restore with a crown, root canal therapy, or the removal of a tooth’s decayed inner portions, may be necessary. However, if decay has become too advanced, or if a tooth is too damaged to accommodate a crown, a dental implant may be necessary. These titanium posts are surgically implanted in the jaw, providing many years of excellent support.

Cosmetic Procedures

Once a healthy foundation of healthy teeth and gums is established – or if your teeth and gums are already in excellent condition – cosmetic procedures can give your smile a dazzling appearance that will make you feel great, while making a lasting impression on everyone you meet. If one or more of your teeth have an alignment issue, minor chips or cracks, or discoloration, porcelain veneers can make a tremendous difference. These custom-made porcelain shells attach to the front surfaces of your teeth, giving them an appearance consistent with your surrounding teeth. If excessive gum tissue is covering your teeth, gum reshaping can help you teeth look longer and healthier, while giving them a more attractive frame. Dr. White also provides teeth whitening, which can lighten the shade of your teeth if they are naturally dark, or if they have become stained by tobacco use or intake or certain foods.

Create Your Mouth Full Reconstruction Plan

Dr. White and his staff take great pride in helping patients achieve precisely the smiles they want. They will take time to listen to you and note the improvements you wish to make, and recommend the treatments that will make your dreams a reality. To learn more about full mouth reconstruction procedures at our Lubbock office, please contact us today.

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